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What You Should Know About Federal Bail Bonds in Texas

Unlike bail bonds set at the state or county level, federal bail bonds are set by federal district courts and are usually reserved for the most serious offenses. It’s important to know how federal bail bonds work so you can bail yourself or your loved one out, even if the bond is federal. Not every state has a bail system for federal charges, but Texas does. Here’s everything you need to know about federal bail bonds. 

If you or your loved ones need help getting out of jail, call ABC Bail Bonds today. Our experienced bail bondsmen offer federal bonds as well as regular bail bonds, and we’re willing to work with you on a payment plan if you can’t afford your bail. 

What Are Federal Bail Bonds?

If your case ends up in federal court, you’ll have to seek a federal bail bond. Because of the seriousness of the offense, and because these bonds are on the federal level, you should expect to pay a lot more to secure your freedom. 

In Texas, there are two types of federal bail bonds: Federal bail bond using deeded property and justification, and federal bond with no justification.

The federal bail bond with deeded property and justification is more complex- it usually means the defendant must use a deeded property or an agreed on cash amount to secure their bail. With this type of bail bond, the defendant might also be required to give up their passport and any other documents they would need to leave the country. This is to prevent the defendant from fleeing the country once they get out. 

The federal bail bond without justification is much simpler because it only requires a lawyer, friend, or family member of the defendant to promise a full payment if the defendant breaks the conditions of their bail, including not appearing in court.

What do Federal Bail Bonds Cover?

Federal bail bonds are exclusive to serious offenses that end up in federal court, including the following:

  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Distribution of illegal drugs
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Grand theft

Federal bail bonds aren’t available in every state, and the crimes they cover might vary depending on the state. The conditions of bail vary from case to case, depending on a variety of factors like the nature of the crime and the background of the defendant. You’ll most likely be asked to meet multiple conditions other than showing up in court, so you should be prepared to comply with these stipulations. 

Federal Bail Bonds in Texas with ABC Bail Bonds

ABC Bail Bonds has been helping defendants get out on bail for more than 50 years. We’re the fastest and most trusted bail bond agency in Houston, and our experienced bail bondsmen are committed to helping every client secure their release. If you’re facing a federal bail bond in Texas, you shouldn’t have to miss out on work, school, bills, and family time while awaiting your trial. Call ABC Bail Bonds to get in touch with an experienced bail bondsman today!

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