Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Represent Yourself in Court

ABC Bail Bonds is here to provide you judgement-free help if you find yourself in trouble with the law. We’re passionate about helping you. We want you to know your rights and how to navigate the legal system. To someone with confidence and a decent amount of legal knowledge, representing yourself in court might seem like a great way to save money and make sure your side of the story is heard. However, this is a very bad idea for many reasons, and you should stick with hiring a defense attorney. Here are some reasons why.

Lack of Legal Knowledge

There’s a reason why lawyers are so expensive: they went to school for years to study law, and they know more than you do. You need to have a wealth of legal knowledge to represent anyone in court. You may think you know how to talk your way out of a conviction, but the truth is that the average person doesn’t have the knowledge to represent someone in court. You cannot represent yourself better than an attorney, which is why we recommend hiring an actual attorney to receive the best defense.

The Opposing Side Will Have Attorneys

Once again, you can’t defend yourself effectively in court. The prosecuting side will have many intelligent, clever attorneys working against you. If you defend yourself, the attorneys will no doubt bring it up and use it to discredit your case. By representing yourself, you drastically decrease your chances of being found not guilty.

You Can’t Be Objective

One of the jobs of an attorney is to look at your case from an objective point of view and decide the best way to proceed. This is why lawyers with a conflict of interest (such as a relative of the defendant) are not a good choice. As your own lawyer, you cannot think about your case objectively, and therefore can’t properly defend yourself. There’s a high risk that you will become defensive and emotional during the trial. That kind of behavior doesn’t sit well with the judge or jury, and it can be used against you by the opposing side.

You Have to Follow Court Procedures

If you represent yourself in court, you’ll be expected to know and follow all court procedures. You won’t get a pass from the judge if you mess up. These procedures would be far too much to study before your trial, and the court won’t put up with any improper procedures. You won’t receive any sort of coaching from the court or staff, and the judge likely won’t take you seriously.

Get Bailed Out with ABC Bail Bonds in Houston

We want to give you the best chance we can when dealing with the law. That’s why ABC Bail Bonds works hard to bail you out before your trial. After you get bailed out, you can use this time to find a qualified defense attorney and prepare for your court date. If you have any legal questions along the way, we’ll try our best to answer them. ABC Bail Bonds wants you to know your rights and build a strong defense. Give us a call when you’re in trouble in Houston or the surrounding areas. We’ll help you out, no questions asked!

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