A Friend’s in Jail… What Can You Do?

In the state of Texas, committing a crime doesn’t earn you a slap on the wrist—no, Texas makes sure criminals feel the full force of the justice system at work. In fact, according to a survey reported by The Nation publication, around 70% of people currently in US jails haven’t been convicted of a crime—they merely cannot afford to leave.

Being convicted of a crime is not only time consuming, but expensive. Even traffic tickets and misdemeanors can end up costing hundreds of dollars—and up to a year in jail—in Harris County alone. However, you don’t have to sit in jail if you don’t have to. While it does involve paying money, that’s not usually the only thing required. There are many ways to get your friend out of jail early, but here’s a short list of three important things:

  1. Money
  2. Planning
  3. A support system

So your friend, colleague, or family member has been arrested. What can you do? How much is the bail bond? Well, a few major factors come into play before planning their release. If they were in Houston and arrested for a misdemeanor crime, their maximum possible legal fine would be $1,000. So, working with that, the maximum bail bond set for that person would be $2,000. To get your friend out of jail early, you must pay 10% of the total bail bond—which, in this case, would be $200.

The same applies if they’re arrested for a felony charge; paying at least 10% of their total bond releases them. However, that amount could be anything, as felony fines make up a wide spectrum.


So, first thing’s first: get the money. We understand this is much more difficult than it sounds, which is why basic bail bond companies often don’t help. Not only that, but many times, they simply don’t care about anything else but profit. However, there are establishments in Houston and Harris County like ABC Bail Bonds that offers amenities—like payment plans—for all bail bonds. Additionally, if you don’t have the 10% of the bail bond money available at all, there’s good news: you can use a cosigner. Along with this, there are wire transfer options and 24-hour free expert bail bond advice to help guide you through the process. If you can’t find the money to get someone out of jail, don’t worry—there are many different ways to plan.


Which brings us to the next point: planning. We all know time doesn’t stop for anybody, which includes inmates sitting in jail. Their jobs and lives go on functioning with or without them, resulting in loss of employment every day. Without a bail bond or a plan, someone could end up in jail for up to a year for a misdemeanor only.

If that wasn’t bad enough, many bail bond companies only offer their services if you pay upfront in full—something not everybody can do. Luckily for Houston and Harris County, there are companies like ABC Bail Bonds which will work with you, for you. This is a company that helps you prepare, budget, and execute. Even if you don’t have the money immediately, their experts are available to sit down with you and come up with a detailed plan—one unique to your situation—to get your friend out of jail fast.

A Support System

It’s extremely important to understand that nothing helps a friend in jail more than a support system. Having friends or family calling to check on a detained individual (while working to get them out) means a lot. Having connections, knowing who to call, arranging for a ride, all of this matters when getting your friend out of jail.

After a free consultation with a bail bond expert at ABC Bail Bonds, you’ll have a clear idea of where your inmate stands, what you need to do, and how to gather a support system to do it. They’ll tell you exactly how to use your strengths to your advantage, and what to avoid. Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming—we understand that. There are experienced professionals standing by 24/7, for any situation that may need their services.

Don’t Wait

If you know someone in jail, don’t wait. The longer they’re detained, the harder it is for their lives to return to normal. ABC Bail Bonds knows this, and will hear your situation in order to give you the best possible plan. They’ll outline the necessary steps and calls in order for you to get your friend out of jail as soon as possible. In fact, they’ll even call the jail, arrange the payment, release your friend, and pick them up. You can do this with a simple payment plan, or use a cosigner—either way, ABC Bail Bonds will find out how to get the money, plan, and support system needed to get your friend out of jail without a minute to waste.

Is someone you know in jail right now? Call or visit our office—let’s help you get started.

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